Sanyo 6200 Review

The SCP 6200 is the successor of the 6000 that can be plainly made out from the look of the phone. The 6200 again is a wafer thin phone which makes up for its thinness by its length. The weight of the phone is a mere 75 gms. The display is of gray scale type with a size of 128X120 pixels which makes reading from the display very easy. The antenna is of a stub/ extendable type and can be extended for better reception. Continue reading

Sanyo 6400 Review

Sanyo continues with its 6000 series (the ultra slim series) with the 6400 model. Like its predecessors the width and weight of the phone are negligible. Indeed at a weight of just 75 gms and width of just 12 mm can be said to be nothing more than negligible. The battery type is of course the light weight Li-Ion one which allows 240 hours or (10 days) of standby time with a talk time of 2.50 hours. You can buy it from e2save using a discount code. Continue reading review

Join the e2save community and enjoy amazing facilities

It has been admitted that online mobile phone selling companies and groups have made an impressive recognition and status in the society. There are hundreds of mobile phone selling companies and sites working online. What is the best company? As a matter of fact, this question is more related to the features of the best selling sites or companies. The users who are searching the best companies and sites are suggested to focus on the e2save voucher codes. It is a favorite name for the users who prefer the discounts and amazing budget offers. Continue reading

How to refill a laser printer toner

Hewlett Packard was considered a popular and famous choice for almost all types of the printers, and the production of the LaserJet printers are commonly being used for the corporate as well as for the domestic purposes. LaserJet printers are very famous because of the so many advantages over old and conventional inkjet printers. They include a superior quality frame structure  and greater durability. However, the downsides of these printers are also present. For example, the cost of replacing a toner of cartridge is around $100 or more. Continue reading

Global Virtual Number

Call forwarding is totally beneficial for all types of businesses. This helps a business to develop a local presence in a particular area away from the location of the destination number. This may seem a difficult and expensive thing to achieve, but with GlobalVirtualNumber company, you can establish VoIP international call forwarding in the fastest, easiest and most affordable way. Continue reading

Free International Call

Cheap international call rates are one of the reasons why a lot of people are switching to VoIP telephony. But then, it is more surprising to know that there are actually VoIP providers that offer free international call to many destinations in the world. One of these providers is Free International Call so take a closer look at this company and see what you could get. Continue reading

Making International Call from US to Sudan

People may not believe but calling Sudan today is not expensive as it used to be. They may feel that they are just being scammed by companies that are offering international call services at very low rates. However, this one is quite true as USA callers can really place their calls going to Sudan without worrying about high rates. Continue reading